(This is an old post….from about a year ago….that I never published….squirreled away in case I was too tired to write something new. Wellllllllll……I’m too tired…so, here it is….)

Hook a bunch of people up with electricity generating bicycles….at Burning Man….and what do you get?

You get a way to watch movies….powered by people on electricity generating bicycles.

That’s what you get.

At Burning Man.

Now, I have to wonder how “kid friendly” Burning Man would be.

I have to imagine that it probably is a little too “trippy” for little kids…but….maybe not.

Who would be as trippy as a little kid?

If you could keep them safe from the weirdos, it might be a fun environment for a little guy.

Memorable, for sure.

It sure is interesting to see how creative people can be when they come together with creativity in mind.

Creativity….and all these bicycles.

Why does creativity have a place for the bicycle?

Maybe because, for some reason, it’s an “alternative” in the world of getting around.

I don’t know how the car became the norm.

Maybe because it’s so easy to get around when all you have to do is flex your ankle and turn a wheel?

We say that not everybody can ride a bicycle….that some are physically incapable of riding a bike.

Maybe the car is crippling us?

Sitting all the time can’t be good for us.

It’s not very aerobic to turn an ignition key….not good exercise to push the gas pedal.

Maybe if we all rode bicycles…..we could all ride bicycles?

Burning Man and all the bicycles….what a sight that would be.

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