‘There Is No Other Way’: How A Siberian Village Survives On The Forest

I told the guys at work about this video when we were all complaining about delivering mail in the rain….and they (and I) got the point.

Here’s a bunch of folks up in Siberia who gather berries in the forest to scrape up a living…..and we get to live in the land of plenty and ride around in our car and deliver mail all day.

How bad do we have it?

Not so bad.

That’s the answer to that question….”not so bad”.

Of course, if you presented the comparison to these guys, they might think, “Oh! You mean that someone else tells you what to do? You mean you don’t have time to stop for lunch? You have to do that every day?”

They might like going out into the forest and working on their own.

They might like being kind of independent.

Hopefully, everybody thinks that they have it better than the next guy.

What a world we’d have if we thought that the grass on our side of the fence was always the greenest?

Gratitude is a good thing to cultivate.

Gathering berries is a tough thing to depend on for your survival.

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