Somebody told me where I work that this doesn’t happen as often at our company (USPS) since most of the Vets aged out of the system.

That besmirches the Vets, of course.

It would be interesting to see if the things that happened in the ’80’s were done by folks who had returned from Vietnam.

I’ll bet that you didn’t have to be a Vet to feel like “going postal” at the Post Office.

You know that I don’t mean Veterinarians when I say “Vet”, don’t you?

That would be weird.

What would make a veterinarian so angry at the Post Office?

Anyway….I think it’s strange that no matter where an incident happens, they call it “going postal” when they report it.

They don’t call things “going Alabama Baptist Church” or “going Upper Middle Class High School” or “going Meat Packing Plant”.

They make us out to be a bunch of hair trigger weirdos if we work for the Post Office.

I can only speak for myself….but I’d consider myself a VERY STABLE WEIRDO.

Like….very smart…and stable.

So….no matter how much I grind my teeth over something that happens in the workplace, I’m not going “postal”.

Not in, like, a bad way, at least.

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