Looking up “van life” videos on YouTube….because I have 15 minutes in the morning to figure out a post….15 minutes to make and drink the coffeeeeeeeee…..and make a post….this morning….I came across this new Portlandia short about the possible realities of “#VAN LIFE”.


That’s the thing about these Portlandia videos….I can’t take a lot of things that I took “kinda seriously” before I saw the video very seriously at all after these two skewer whatever they’re focusing on in the moment…..

I can’t do that after these videos.

That’s OK.

Some of this stuff on YouTube is pretty goofy….even if it’s dead serious to the person making the video.

The funniest stuff is always the things that people don’t know is funny.

Check out the price on the old Westphalia, too.

That’s too true to be funny.

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