it’s so dangerous…

Jenny and I talked about our youngest daughter’s experience at school this morning.

I couldn’t sleep….and Jenny could tell that I was laying there…awake….so we talked about school for a while.

Even at 4, there’s already a posse of mean girls to contend with.

That’s crummy.

It shouldn’t feel like a dangerous place for a little girl to go to a couple of days a week.

It shouldn’t be a place where you don’t feel safe.

These little guys in the video have a lot to contend with, but, I’ll bet, they don’t have a lot of bullying going on, perched at the edge of the cliff.

When you have real issues….like a long fall if you screw up….you pay attention to each other…and treat each other better.

Of course, if Sparrow smashed the ringleader of the mean girl posse in the face, the whole thing would dissolve into a manageable situation.

A bully can’t stand up to somebody pushing back.

They’re afraid.

That’s why they’re bullies.

I wouldn’t recommend that, though.

That’s not Sparrow’s way.

Everybody has something to contend with.

It’s a shame that it starts early.

It would almost be easier to be with friends….climbing a ladder to the sky.


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