secret buffet

I had a dream last night where the manager at the hotel I was staying at wouldn’t let me go eat at the breakfast buffet.

They had some kind of rule where the people who stayed longer than 2 nights got to go to the head of the line….and because I’d only stayed 2 nights, he put my name on the bottom of the list.

In fact, not only did he put my name at the bottom of the list, he put my name at the bottom of the list….in pencil.

When he finally told me what floor the buffet was on, and I got in the elevator to get there, I only had about 5 minutes to find the buffet and grab a plate of food.

I remember that the elevator had about 126 floors and the buffet was on the fourth floor but there weren’t any floor buttons on the panel….you just had to press stop when you thought you were getting close to your floor.

I woke up when I took my first bite of over-syrupped pancake.

It was funny, sort of, because it seemed like the manager spent 20 minutes explaining and arguing with me about why I shouldn’t get to go….but, when it was finally time to make a decision about my participation in eating at the giant buffet, he only left me 5 minutes to get up to the fourth floor and gorge.

I’m sure there’s some weird metaphor in there somewhere….something about being too eager to wait for something that isn’t worth waiting for, maybe….maybe that it’s wrong to set yourself up for disappointment just because you think that you want to do something that other people tell you isn’t something they’re going to let you do…….?

Who knows.

It was a nice buffet….but….it wasn’t that nice.

I wonder why he wouldn’t just let me go the first time I asked about it?

Weird dream.

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