in the gravel….

We had an old Plymouth Valiant for a long time when the older kids were little.

I remember driving it to Atlanta one Christmas….and my young nephew looked at a spot of rust on the car and said, “WHAT’S THAT?”

He’d never seen a rusty car before.

I think that I painted it with rattle cans (maybe a couple of times) before we finally got rid of it when the screen on the oil pump got clogged and it didn’t have any oil pressure anymore.

Here’s a $50 Rustoleum paint job.

Man….people get creative and get the job done…with a little hard work.

Here’s the YouTube description…

Integra $50 rustoleum paint job 2 quarts of rustoleum gloss white $8 each. gallon of mineral spirits $9. gallon of bondo $15. sandpaper $6

Good job.

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