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I picked up a bunch of used tin tonight down in Saluda.

That’s the advantage of driving around all these old houses all the time.

Sometimes you see people tearing stuff up and throwing it away.

I asked them if I could have some of the tin….and they were glad to give it to me.

“It would be great to keep some of it out of the landfill” is what they said when I asked.

When you re-roof an old house, there’s a lot of tin in a dumpster.

What a shame that it wasn’t easier to get, though.

There was a lot of screws and other garbage on top of it….hard to get it cleaned up enough to get it out of the dumpster without spreading screws all over the place.

I got about 30 big pieces before I quit to go home and eat tacos.

That’ll make some good shed roofs, for sure.

Maybe I’ll go back and get some more tomorrow?

Bring a broom to sweep the screws off this time?

Some work gloves?

Free stuff to build with is good stuff, for sure.

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