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I drove around without any radio on today….and it surprised me that my head wasn’t full of interesting thoughts.

In fact, it amazed me.


I think that the thought that was swirling around up there most violently and continuously was the one that said, ” I really don’t have anything interesting to think about.”

That was pretty boring to focus on that for the bulk of my work day.

The other thought I had was this one:

“I wonder why, given the decrease in size (per USPS decree) of my co-worker’s routes after going over the route size limit,that they would almost immediately come to the conclusion that my long and difficult route needed to be cut….too…even though I was still under the limits set by the USPS…and that it should be something that they bring to the awareness of the people who could get that process started?”

Not very grammatical or linear….but it’s hard to be grammatical and linear when you’re delivering a bunch of Amazon packages….and mail.

Maybe it’s better to just fill my head with car dealership commercials and hyperactive DJ’s?

Maybe that would be a safer place to park my tired brain?

It’s not so amazing that I don’t have much going on upstairs sometimes.

Who can think and be a postman at the same time?

It’s like walking and spitting gum.


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