Yo-Yo? Yes-Yes!



Now, here’s some GOOD MUSIC!

For sure.

The Post Office is making me take a whole bunch of time off in the coming month and a half.

Like….almost a month and a half.


So…I’m going to have to figure out some good stuff to get done during all my down time.

The story of why they said I had to take all this time off in the next 6 weeks will come in a future post.

It’s an interesting story….and says a lot about how the USPS operates.

When you hear what happened, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT!

Anyway, good music can truly get you through just about anything.

It won’t pay the bills (listening to it, at least)….but it makes everything a whole lot sweeter.

Yo-Yo…you make my life sweeter!

I’ll bet you never knew.

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