Well-Organized Bus…Tiny Home

Jenny and I took a tour of a tiny house at the Apple Festival in Hendersonville this year.

That we ended up taking a tour of a tiny house was even more mystifying than ending up at the Apple Festival at all.

We hadn’t planned to do either of those two things.

This tiny house was one that was built out-of-state….then trucked to a gated community that cost 500.00 a month to rent a space.

If you bought the added land, you could have a carport.

What a crock!

A tiny house that sold for 100,000 that had plastic siding and trim….and a full size fridge and a full size stacked washer dryer combo….

It was a tiny house for people who didn’t know anything about tiny houses.


It was horrible.

Everything a tiny house shouldn’t be.

And…it was being marketed like a timeshare….high sales presentation….


This is the opposite of that….creativity in action all the way.

That’s the thing….these houses should be individual and an expression of the builder’s creativity…not some cookie cutter weirdness.

Don’t mass market something that should be cool.


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