Time to Go (Or…Almost Seeing Boston)

Boston closed a Toys For Tots concert that I went to when I was 16.

The other bands ran over so Boston started playing late.

I heard them start to play while we were all out in the halls that circled the Omni.

It was time for my Dad to pick us up….and, so, I heard Boston play about 3 songs before we all left for home.

The amazing thing isn’t that I “missed” a big band on it’s first American tour.

It’s that my Dad drove the old 1967 Ford Fairlane down from Marietta to downtown Atlanta….after dropping us all off earlier in the evening.

And…they let him in to the Omni to find us.

That’s a good Dad to come and get us all like that in the station wagon.

Boston was a good band….and I’m glad I had a chance to almost see them.

My Dad was a pretty great Dad, too.

The Omni Coliseum was demolished in 1997.

How many concerts did I go see there?

I’d moved away before they blew it down.



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