“Living Lightly” documentary

Nice documentary about a homesteading family in New Brunswick.

Here’s the YouTube description:

Living Lightly offers a magical glimpse into a world where one 21st century family lives with the land in its seasons. On their farm, the Vidos practice the ancient craft of scything as meditation in action. Robin Burke’s poetic debut, filmed on their farm in a corner of New Brunswick, Canada explores a way of relating to and loving the land. Peter Vido, originally from Slovakia, is a master of his craft as are his wife Faye and their three children, Ashley, Kai and Fairlight – a family whose love and care for each other, rooted in their daily work together, strengthens and feeds them. The scythe is their instrument and their passion, its whispering sound the idyllic leitmotif of a truly inspiring ensemble. Against a stunning landscape the Vidos live lightly among their fields, pastures and animals, taking as little as they need for a fulfilled simple existence. Cassis Birgit Staudt’s music takes the dancing rhythms of the scythe and works with them to produce art. This is not a story of rejection of the modern world but a study in how we might heal our relationship with planet Earth.

There are many ideas of what “success” in this world entails.

This family has a good thing going on….and it looks like a good way to live.

It looks like “success” to me.

For sure.

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