Wildroots Community….Out in Hot Springs, NC…

This looks like where we live.

But….it doesn’t look like how we live.

These guys are out in Hot Springs, NC….so they’re a little ways off from our neck of the woods.

I don’t want to be a full on hippy.

Do they even exist anymore?

Jenny got yelled at when we first moved out here because she had a baby on her hip and Birkenstocks on her feet when she went down to the mailbox to get our mail.

Some young guys in an old truck yelled, “GO HOME, HIPPY!!” as they drove by.

They didn’t know that the gutted house we were refurbishing was home.

They should know that if you’re getting your mail at your mailbox that you probably live there.

I should quit my job so we can live in a funky shack and cook rhubarb.

That’s the life….right?

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