Sneaky Mellow Buzz….

One of my buddies at work turned me on to this beer.

It’s hard to find….so when I mentioned that I’d been looking for it and that I wanted to leave a six pack on her porch when I was able to track it down…. she told me that she got the guy at Ingles to special order it for her….and that she was going to give me a six pack.

When I got back from the mail run today….there was a six pack on my case table.


This stuff is a sneaky mellow buzz…..for sure.

That’s a fun thing….a great beer that I didn’t suspect that I’d have earlier in the day.

What a nice surprise!

This is kind of like a Holy Grail….on a lesser level….and on a more alcoholic….um, level.

Check it out if you get the chance….Boulevard Dark Truth Stout is what you’re looking for.

It’s a wickedly sneaky mellow buzz.

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