Who knew there was such a thing?

Not me.

Check out this video.

We don’t have any rural carriers who have access to LLVs (LLV’s?) that I know of in our area….but all these carriers seem to be driving them.

But, at least, at the end of the video, there’s a disclaimer that says that the use of your personal vehicle may be required.

I am perpetually repairing the vehicles that I use on the mail route.

That’s on me.

I do that.

It’s a pain to keep a mail car going.

On the other hand, when we get reports on the accidents that have involved postal carriers in our area, the big majority of them happen in the LLVs that the Postal System maintains.

So…maybe I’m safer in my own vehicle.

Where are they delivering where it’s so nice and flat, too?

Do they get a deduction on their evaluated time when the driving is nice?


Who knew there was a place to go to get the scoop on the real skivvy?

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