huevos rancheros

One of the best breakfasts that I ever had was in Salmon, ID.

It was at a cafe with steamed up windows….warm inside in the unfamiliarity of the cool late summer Idaho weather…full of guys in hats like this fellow is wearing.

This guy, Kent Rollins, makes huevos rancheros look good, too.

Huevos rancheros!

Comfort food.

There’s nothing fancy about this dish….nothing too complex….but….it’s so good.

Anywhere I go, if I have my head in a good place, I find something amazing to enjoy and people that I care about.

I love it down here in the North Carolina.

That being said….I sure do love the West.

How could that happen?

How could we move out to Idaho?

How could I ever afford 42 acres in Idaho?




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