Living in a….truck….down by the river

Yeah, boy!!


Living in a truck!!

Now, we need a bus….or something big….to get all the guys comfortable and warm.

Little guys have different needs than big people.

Or…do they?

We’ve gone across the country in our Dodge Grand Caravan a couple of times….and people ask how we can do that with little kids and 4 “grown ups”….and it is kind of amazing that the little guys do it as well as they do.

So…maybe we don’t need a giant vehicle.

Check out these guy’s comments about minimalism giving them the freedom to do this.

It’s true.

I’m the rich guy fearing the eye of a needle, though.

A poor guy with too much stuff.

A rich guy who doesn’t know how to edit.

This is cool.

If you don’t have a lot of stuff that demands more stuff to take care of it all, you could probably do this.




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