Tellico….Salsa….a song about a dog….

Here’s a local band with a song about a Great Pyrenees.

There’s not too many of them out there….the song about the dog, I mean.

Our Pyrenees, Appa, busted a move and got past me the other day when I was bringing him some fresh water in a bucket with a busted handle.

He stopped when I called his name and told him to come back, looked at me, and then hi-tailed it for the woods.

He’d stop when I got close….then run some more….then stop when he heard me yelling at him….then run some more….then stop…then (you can get the picture).

We covered a lot of ground before I gave up and went home.

It was nice to be up in the woods….even if it was only to chase a big white dog for a while.

I think that he thought it was amusing to treat me like that.

He came back in about an hour….full of burrs and excited for a time that was more adventurous than being down in his normal area.

I guess that Pyrenees are known for being roamers.

I’m glad that he came back.

Tellico is a good band….from up in Asheville.

Thanks for the song about the dog, Tellico!

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