“Wolfpack”…another great film from Patagonia

This is a good one from Patagonia.

The company….not the region.

Here’s a family…once on the verge of big trouble and in danger of splitting up….who, through running and loving the outdoors, stay together and thrive.

Here’s the YouTube description:

High in the San Juan Mountains above Silverton, Colorado, a pack of runners roam. Together they traverse mountain meadows and navigate mineral-stained peaks through the rugged landscape of their backyard. The Braford-Lefebvre family chose to live here in order to raise their family wild. Through hard times and the best ones, running is their tool for experiencing life together.

It’s a good story….and it happens in a good place….Silverton, CO.

It’s good to be outside.

There’s a lot of healing there, for sure.



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