If You’re Gonna Drive a Volkswagen Bus around The World….You better Rebuild Every Square inch of It….

This guy has a lot of experience with VW Buses.

And….he picked another one to continue his journey in.


I don’t know what I’d choose to drive around the world.

Surprisingly, our Grand Caravan has taken us all around the States….and hasn’t broken down.

But, even a later technology vehicle like a Grand Caravan is pretty spooky….especially when it gets a bunch of miles on it.

I owned 3 buses….and I don’t know if I’d drive them around the world….knowing what I know now.

No….that’s not true.

I would drive one around the world.

That’s pretty crazy….the old addage about insanity being doing the same thing and expecting different results being a truism in this case.

I’m as much a victim of the romance of the old buses as anyone.

I’d drive it around the world on used tires.

Tires that I bought used because I’m cheap.

I’d bring a case of oil and go.


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