The Real “Tiny House”….10×10….1500.00!

Here’s a dude homesteading down in Orlando….living in a 10×10 tiny house that he built for around 1,500 dollars using mostly recycled materials.

This is what the “tiny house movement” should be about…but how do you market simplicity?

How do you accessorize minimalism?

That doesn’t translate to an Amazon “lightning deal”.

What do they call what he’s doing?

Ahhhhhhh! “Appropriate Technology”!

He has what he needs….and pares down the rest.

And….he grows his own toilet paper!

How cool is that?

That’s a plant that you’d definitely want to keep alive.

If money doesn’t grow on trees….it’s good that toilet paper does.

And….wait for the quote towards the end: “That’s what it’s all about: how can we meet the needs of other people?”

Watch the video for the context of that quote.

More about Rob Greenfield here…. or….here:

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