Dodge Neon….”How to Remove an Engine OUT”

Here’s a guy named Chico Chicano who made a video about how to remove an engine from a Dodge Neon.

I need that information.

I need that information presented to me in a clear and concise style.

This is the kind of video I need to watch before I tackle the project….one that stops before it really goes anywhere.


This is the only video that this guy did in what I suspect he’d planned to be a whole series of videos featuring the project.

This is where he stopped.


Why’d he stop?

Watch this video….and it might give you a better understanding of why you don’t want to do this job….

That’s a more accurate description of what is going to happen when the s**t hits the fan.


I wouldn’t have bought the used engine I bought yesterday if I’d known what lay ahead of me.

I wish I could jump in a Delorean and go back somewhere….back in time.

I’d go back to when the hardest maintenance I had to do was oiling the chain on my bicycle.

Those were the days.

Awwwwww…’s a huge learning curve.

It’s a dangerous mission.

It’s a fool’s game.


It’s my freaking life.

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