JUNKYARD TRUCK?!! Why didn’t I think of that?


A junkyard looks like a fun place to hang out.

All those used batteries….all those used tires….engines….cars!

It’s not Disneyland….but….it looks fun.

I need a junkyard with about 20 RHD Cherokees that I can get to in less than an hour.

Needing access to more parts is really kind of a bad thing, if you think about it.

A car that never needs parts is the way to go.

But…..cheaper parts is a good thing when you need them.

As far as buying a car from a junkyard….er, automobile recycling center….well….I say, “WHY NOT?!!”

You need options when you have a car that breaks down.

You need to keep a rig on the road.

Why not get your next one from a place where most of the stuff is already broken?

Eliminate the middleman.


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