Toss Out The Ballast…..

I might be missing something, but it looks like the guys in the video are tearing out the interior of the van so they can get it unstuck?

That’s pretty weird….but I guess it would work.

I get stuck….but don’t jettison the ballast.

It’s too hard to get it all back together.

I’m (typically) just being silly.

I don’t think these guys are that incompetent.

I like seeing good breathing protection, too.

And…if you’re going to build a Sprinter van….how much cooler is it to build a 38-year-old van than it is to go and buy one brand new?

Well…I say…….cooler.

This is one of the better van build documentaries I’ve seen.

For folks with “no experience”, I think that they did a nice job.

Smart folks…learning on the fly.

Good stuff.

I guess the guys are in Portugal.

Their website can be found at



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