Logging and a new Neighbor

They still do a heck of a lot of logging up in the section of Idaho that our old family property is on.

Not like this, of course.

Now, it’s modern and efficient….with big chainsaws and heavy equipment to do what these guys did with crosscut saws and oxen.

When we went to visit, the logging trucks were busy going up and down the wide gravel roads.

Logging is a big industry up in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s “good wood” country.

Yesterday we got a letter from new neighbors who’d purchased some acreage that adjoins land we own in Idaho.

They wanted to know if we wanted to sell our land so their relatives could have a piece close to theirs.

I need to write to them and tell them that I can’t sell a property like that.

It’s been in my family for a long time….and its value goes beyond what a realtor could tell me it’s “worth”.

Funny how, even though we could always use the money, an asset is an asset far beyond what money it represents.

We don’t get out West often enough….but knowing that land is there gives me good feelings.

It’s a good feeling to have ties to my father and his family….and our history in the Pacific Northwest.

I guess that, when you get down to it, I’m not much of a businessman.

I wouldn’t trade that land for all the tea in China.

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