the real road trip….hit a deer in Canada

Here’s a decent enough seeming dude on a road trip to Alaska….having a real road trip experience.

He hit a deer in Canada on his way to Alaska from Michigan.

He hit a deer in Canada….driving one of my favorite cars of all time….A FORD ESCORT STATION WAGON!!

A deer could do a lot of damage to a little Ford Escort.

That’s the thing that I liked about this video….the car and the trip.

Or maybe, the car on the trip.

You don’t have to drive a hipster Sprinter van to do this stuff.

You can drive a little car and make it fine….if you don’t hit a deer.

Even then, if you find some good folks to help you, you can keep rolling.

You don’t need the assault vehicle, backcountry hardened super truck that some accounts would make you believe was necessary to get up the Alaska highway.

That’s cool.

Man…..don’t hit a deer.

Here’s a video of one of the cabin’s he and his wife built in Alaska.

The dude’s name is Dave Whipple.

Here’s his YouTube channel….Bushradical….

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