My New Seat

I sit on my rear for a living.

Lots of people do that.

I drive the mail around….and stick it in boxes by the side of the road…and…I sit in my car while it’s moving down the road to do it all.

My seat was getting kind of broken down.

After 286,000 miles, my Jeep seat listed to the side.

I was on a constant tilt.

Today, my older children took me out to eat barbecue, and then we went out to a junkyard I’d never visited before: LKQ in Greer, SC.

I probably got my seat out of this Jeep:

This is a copyrighted image….maybe they’ll come after me?

This picture was taken about a month ago….

You should have seen the Jeep when we got to it.

The “buzzards” had picked it clean….but….the passenger seat was still there.

I drive from the “passenger” side (right hand drive Jeep)….so…the unused seat in a normal car was just what I needed.


I wanted these wheels, too, but they were gone.

Junkyards are fun places….and the parts are cheap.

Maybe I’ll get back there again, someday?

What a Father’s Day!!

I have a comfortable seat now!

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