slide into some peace

There’s a woman with a babe sitting next to me
She rides the crooked train into New York City
She hold that child on her bended knee
Whispers something only he could hear
She said I will always love you no matter what will come
I carried you inside myself the two of us are one
No matter how you fall down or how it comes undone
To me you will always be shining
And he stares into her brown eyes
Into the face of unconditional love
I see a man laying in the street
He left his motorcycle at a high rate of speed
In his eyes there’s a vacancy
But he seems to be, seems to be smiling
Ah maybe he was a Muslim a Christian or a Jew
I hope that he was laughing when off that bike he flew
But he struggled to believe just like me and you
As the ambulance is too late arriving
And he stares at the sky above
Into the face of unconditional love
Unconditional love
Sometimes I’m impossible sometimes a rage arose
Sometimes all the dreams are strewn across the floor
And I see myself reflected in your eyes
All the tragedy, the hope and fear
In my hour of dying the light is clear and clean
If it helps read from the bible don’t hook me up to those machines
Stay by my side as I slide
Into some peace
Give me strength over what I’m afraid of
In the face of unconditional love
Unconditional Love


Willy Porter “Unconditional”

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