A Day in the Life….Bound for Nowhere

Here’s a young couple vlogging a typical day on the road….living in their Toyota camper.

“Young couple”?!

That’s how you get old….in your head…..talking like that.

That’s profiling, too….they may not be all that young.

And….look at what they’re driving!!

What a rig!

Part of my adventure moving through this life is constantly being aware of the fragility of the various beasts that carry me.

What would it be like to drive something so new and so nice?

Would it allow me to be less of a worrywart?

And….what business do they do that allows them to work on the road and support themselves?

I need to figure some of that stuff out….although I work on the road every day to support us all.

The difference with me is that my chunk of road that I work on never changes.

I could use a good road trip soon.

Like….real soon.

Here’s a link to BOUND FOR NOWHERE.

And….here’s a video of the thing they’re driving.

I’m jealous.


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