so wrong…Edison’s talking doll

We say this prayer with the kids when they’re ready to go to sleep.

I’d tell them to shut up if they sounded like this.

This was early marketing at it’s worst….and one of the first instances where a child was given a toy that set the tone of what the experience was going to be ….and didn’t allow them to use their own imaginations to control the “action”.

These dolls were marketed for about 6 weeks and cost what, in our current money, would be about $200.00.

The recording devices were fragile….and often didn’t survive the shipping to market.


It’s a spooky thing to hear a doll like this.

It’s not a good thing.

Here’s Mo Rocca talking to someone about these dolls.

Knowing about the history doesn’t make them any less spooky.

Shame on you, Mr. Edison.

Shame on you.

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