Fluffy’s Buses


Look at Fluffy’s (Gabriel Iglesias’) buses!

I don’t have that much money right now…but…what a fun way to spend it.

If you’re going to specialize, the Volkswagen bus is a cool and unusual choice.

It’s a lot more interesting than a garage full of Ferraris.

I had a 1967 bus sitting in our driveway in Marietta for years…

$200.00 and I can’t even remember how I got it home.

I might have driven it….I don’t remember, really.

The engine had a bunch of pieces of piston in the oil when I tore it down.

Too bad.

I might know how to fix it now….but I sold it for 400.00 when I had to clean up my projects a bunch of years later.

“Projects” work better on a farm than they do in the suburbs.

Fluffy has some nice buses.

That’s a fun choice.


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