dirtbag runners

Some people know that it’s more important to spend your money on experiences than on possessions.

I do a lot of thrift shopping…so I buy a lot of possessions….but….a lot of them are things that I hope will foster new experiences.

Of course, thrift shopping can become such an obsession that you spend all your time “gearing up”…and never take time to experience.


Bad idea.

Here’s some characters who consider themselves “dirtbags”…who travel cheap and run in interesting places.

Sounds good to me.

I saw a book called “Outlandish” by Morgan Sjogren that looked pretty cool.

Image result for outlandish morgan sjogren review

It’s a recipe book of sorts….tales of adventure and some of the food that fuels you while you’re out in the world.

That book and one of the reviews of it led me to the “Dirtbag Runners“.

Seems like a good way to go….cheap and light…out doing the things that drive you.

Here’s one of the Dirtbag’s videos….not much trail running in this one…Havasupai Falls looks like an amazing place!

And…check out the Fred Beckey documentary on Amazon Prime….the original dirtbag!

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