Never Do Major Car Repair When Your Young Children Are Within Earshot of Your Potty Mouth.

Finished the Neon this afternoon and, man (!!)….it’s freaking fast!

Timing Belt…rebuilt the head…took it all apart and got it all back together and only had about 5 bolts left over.

And…it ran.

I was kidding about the “fast” part.

I feel so beat up.

Mechanic in the gravel is not a good thing to be if you value being able to function physically.

I am sore.

But…I got it together…timed correctly…torqued to spec…and…it runs pretty smoothly.

Busting my knuckles is a real vocabulary expander, though.

I cuss like a sailor when I’m perplexed and in pain.

Yelling at the SOB of a Neon doesn’t help it get back together.

There’s a cover for the “+” (positive) side of the battery terminals that says “POS”.

I laughed when I saw it….P.O.S, indeed.


Piece of S**T.

That’s not what I should be teaching my children….Daddy in the driveway, laughing his maniac laugh….letting loose with a shotgun blast of profanity when the parts don’t go together without a major shift of a giant conglomeration of metal and plastic.

Sorry, kids.

I’m glad that Neon project is finished for a while.


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