Foresty Forest….Fatbiking the GDMBR

This would tire me out…but it would be a good kind of tired.

I’m tired tonight…but it’s not a good kind of tired.

Today I came back to my job after a week off…. a vacation week of going to the beach and spending the rest of the┬átime repairing Isaac’s car.

I was tired after the vacation…but it was a good kind of tired.

After another in a long run of hard Mondays at the Post Office, I feel like I’m stuck in the “bad tired” zone.

Speaking of “bad tired”….Jenny had a flat today that couldn’t be patched…so we had to buy another tire.

I drove into town to help her get the spare on…and she went to the tire store while I zoomed back to the office to case the mail and try to get out on the route.

It looks good to be bike touring like this.

I wonder if I’ll ever do it?

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