I had a really philosophical post planned…about fireflies…and, then, when I went looking for a picture to throw at the top of all the writing, I found this.

My oldest daughter used to listen to this “band”.

I don’t think that it was a band.

I think she told me it was just this guy singing.

It wasn’t a band…it was a dude.

Anyway, the original idea for the post was about how the seasons are changing and the fireflies that lay on the road were just another indication of all the coming cold weather.

When it gets too cool they can’t fly…it’s time to die.

Still…they do shine on…laying on the warmer asphalt….waiting for the end.

That’s the kind of thing that I notice when I’m out by myself….running…walking…at 4:30 in the morning.

That early time is beautiful….the road, wet after the night’s rain….me…alone…no one else moving on what should be a restful weekend.

I hear things that I can’t see out in the woods…crashing through…moving…calling out.

It is a good way to start the day.

It’s a good thing to be reminded of my place in it all…moving through the beginning of the day.

I work today…but that’s OK.

There isn’t enough time in the world to wait for the “right time” to make things better.

I work today….but I can accelerate towards something good…in spite of “I work today”.

Coffee and exercise and stream of consciousness.

Good times.

I can do more than lay down to die….shining on a dark road…waiting to be noticed.

Even in the changing season….I can always do more.

Even more.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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