The Unsettlers…book by Mark Sundeen

Reading this now….on the part about Detroit.


How is it that a community can go so far downhill in such a relatively short time?

That’s so far outside of my range of experiences.

I can’t relate.

And….what can folks do to bring it all back?

How do you muster any enthusiasm when the situation is so perpetually hopeless?

Enthusiasm when things are rolling smooth is easy….

When it’s falling apart? Not so easy….

I have had an easy and gentle life and I still complain about stuff.

Maybe “faith” is feeling like you can still have a positive effect on your world when it all feels hopeless?



This is a good book…positive….hopeful.

I need to focus on possibility and quit whining about what I think I can’t change for the better.

Where I am is a heck of a lot easier than Detroit.

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