“to skate away on…”


It was brutal at work yesterday…

Rain and a bunch of packages that weren’t designed (or boxed) to fit in a Jeep Cherokee…too long a route….too many dirt roads…too many steep dirt roads…too long a route…TOO LITTLE TIME….


I’m a whiner…but…I don’t like a day that starts off frantic and maintains frantic-ness until it culminates in a mad (and, somehow, even more frantic) dash to the finish line where I’m just barely making it back to the truck with my outgoing mail.

That’s not a way to live.

Pushing down the frantic so I can cope with the day takes a lot of energy, too.

Pushing down the temptation to panic and really blow a gasket takes a lot of energy.

I wish that I had a long river to skate away on most of these busy days.

I don’t know if they make rivers long enough, though.

How far could I go?

This is a really nice cover…one of the nicest.

(River…cover by Sierra Eagleson.)

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