Grand Funk! Shea Stadium! 1971! (Sold More Tickets Than the Beatles!)

The three-piece band from Michigan…playing live in front of a stadium fuller than when the Beatles played there in 1965.


Three-piece band.


Man, they were a great band.

I thought that I didn’t really listen to Grand Funk all that much…until I remembered all the hits they had when I was growing up…”American Band”….”The Loco-Motion”….this song, “I’m Your Captain”…”Some Kind of Wonderful”….”Bad Time”….and probably a number of others that I can’t remember….

There were a bunch of songs that I heard all the time….so…I did listen to Grand Funk.

It’s easy to forget a band when they’ve been gone for a while….but…especially in this age of autotune and elaborate stage sets and pre-recorded tracks and all the other distractions that pass for “music”…a three-piece band that can do this is impressive.

These guys at the concert look like they were having fun, too.

That was a fun time to be getting into music, for sure….

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