We bought a tree

We bought our Christmas tree yesterday.

In earlier years, we’d gone up in our woods and cut a little Charlie Brown tree, purchased a tree at one of the home improvement stores, and we even had an artificial tree for a couple of years…but we always had a tree…even if it was Christmas Eve before we put it up.

We bought our tree from someone I deliver mail to.  It is a good thing to “keep it in the neighborhood”….keep the flow close to home…to be able to say, “thanks again, Doyce..”.  I guess buying local is kind of a movement…I’ve seen the bumper stickers…but beyond it being a “movement” there is something really nice and satisfying about buying from a neighbor.

When we got it home, I trimmed the lower branches, cut the base off a little, and took it inside and set it in the holder.  My wife and I put the lights on it ( newer lights that all worked…what a luxury!  We were talking about how nice it was to not limp along with used lights that we had to wrestle with to get to work…what a real pleasure to just plug-in the strand and have them all light up) and then she and our 3 year old decorated it.

What a beautiful tree!  Our youngest had such a time hanging the ornaments on the lower branches….getting a little history lesson with a lot of the different ornaments, “Daddy gave Mommy that one before you were born” etc. He’s like any of us…if he feels like he’s useful…that he is contributing…he really responds well to that.  They did a great job.

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