finding something good is usually accidental


Man…there is so much good, fun stuff out in the interworld.

It’s pretty amazing.

Doing some research for a post about Joe Dominguez and “Your Money or Your Life”, I ran across this guy’s blog.

It’s a blog about financial independence, mainly….but he covers a lot of different topics…and covers them well.  It looks like the blog is about 2 years old and has a pretty big readership already (add one more to the list).

Here’s a very brief excerpt from one of his posts about building a tiled shower enclosure…. 

If this shower makes our new rental worth $100 more per month, it is providing equivalent cashflow to a $30,000 investment yielding 4% after inflation. Just another example of the wonderful synergy between practical skills and financial independence.

The highlighting is mine.  It’s a concept that we’ve always taken advantage of…and I appreciated the sentiment.  That’s kind of the route we’ve tried to take…and I’ve sort of half-way developed some skills to support that idea. It’s amazing how much money you can save if you’re willing/brave/naive enough to tackle some of these projects yourself…and avoid the labor costs of hiring it out.

Our story so far has been to buy a house on a couple of acres that was gutted when we got it, pay cash for every improvement as it became possible or necessary…and just generally be as creative with our frugality as possible.

I’m not retired…but we don’t have any debt, so as much as we can do it on a low to mid-range salary….we try and stay off the “gerbil wheel” as much as we can.

He mentions the book How to Survive Without a Salary: Learning How to Live the Conserver Lifestyle   by Charles Long as being an early influence on his financial theology….it was one of my influences as well.


This was a happy and welcome accident to find this blog…check it out, he’s got a lot of good things to say.

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