speaking of accidents

Coming up with something to write about in the morning before the coffee has finished brewing is harder sometimes than it should be.

And then something like a meteorite hits Russia and “boom”….instant topic.

It’s strange if something as earth-shaking as a meteorite impact can become old news…and a week later is kind of like coming late to the party…but, holy smokes…it was a METEORITE!

In these post Cold War years, you’re almost glad that it was something like a meteorite that couldn’t be traced back to us.

When I was in Kindergarten, I remember practicing duck and cover.  We spent a memorably large amount of our early development under our desks, hands on the back of our necks…waiting for the thing that might happen to us.

When you get used to feeling that having a fatalistic attitude is just part of life…well, maybe that’s a funny way to start out.

So…back to this meteorite thing.

If you watched the newscasts, it was interesting to listen to the folks at the news desks.  It really could have been another story about a cute puppy or a squash that looked like Nixon.  What were they going to do with a story like that, though…duck and cover?

Anyway…this was only a relatively small meteorite…just a random event…just a thing that happened that hadn’t happened for a hundred years as far as anyone could tell.

I don’t think it was something that we could point towards Global Warming as a cause, either.

If I spend my whole life looking to the sky for the hammer to fall, what’s that going to give me?  A couple of seconds of “see…I told you so!” before the space rock comes crashing down on me?

There is always something that can happen…good and bad.

Just watch the movie “Armageddon” again…even though Bruce Willis dies at the end, doesn’t Ben Affleck live to kiss Liv again?

Somebody somewhere…someday…is going to say, “awwwww, maaannnn….why’d he have to say that Bruce diesssssss?”

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