my Mail Jeep update

83_USPS_4x4(this isn’t a picture of my jeep…it just made me wonder  how big a tire I could put on mine if I chopped some stuff and put a lift kit on it?  I could be a stylin’ mailman, for sure….)

So…we went and bought the (relatively, I was to find out) cheap part at a local auto parts store and rushed home to fix the Jeep before the long holiday weekend.

I thought that it looked a little different at the parts store …it wasn’t the same part as what was on it…but, heck, I thought for sure they knew what I needed.

The thing about a little part is that a “little different” makes a big difference when you try to install it.

It was the wrong part.

So I puzzled over it for a couple of seconds and then I realized what was going on….


If you ever have a reason to own a right hand drive vehicle, you’ll discover what I mean.  Maybe you move to England…maybe you have a really upscale paper route….it really doesn’t matter what the reason is going to be…you’ll know it when you feel it.

Long story short…RHD parts are a lot more expensive than parts for the more common left hand drive…like 5 times more expensive.  A…R…G….H….H….H…h….h…..h…h…

20 minutes after getting the correct and much more expensive part (from the dealer…even they had to order it) , I had the car back in driveable condition and was ready to roll.

It’s funny trying to keep a Mail delivery vehicle on the road…I don’t know anybody who hasn’t spent a bundle trying to keep their rig rolling.

I did drive the old Toyota LHD truck that I used for years to deliver out of…it’s a great truck and I love driving it but…once you’ve had a right hand drive, you’ll never go back.

I’m glad my Jeep is fixed.

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