there’ll be knock-offs at the flea market


“Say…have you heard anything about five day delivery?”

That’s my new running joke that I ask customers out on the mail route these days.  It’s pretty hilarious.

We (Postal workers) are always the last to know.  I have to watch Entertainment Tonight or TMZ to find out any of the hard news concerning the Post Office’s plans.

Yesterday, the media announced that the USPS was going to start its own line of clothing.

When it appears that things are really hitting the fan…and the stuff is already all over the map…why not throw another stinking shovel full into the blades?

Holy Smokes!

One of the perks of being a rural carrier is that we don’t have to wear a uniform.  Of course, we drive our own cars on a variety of different road conditions, too…but it’s pretty cool that we get to wear the clothes we’re comfortable delivering the mail in.

I doubt that they’ll supply any of the new clothes to us and require us to wear it.  From what I read, it sounds like the new clothing is going to be pretty high tech…ready for Walkmen and other electronic devices.

I doubt they’ll require us to purchase any of it and bail out the USPS, either…I hope.

Here’s a link to one of the articles…I’m not just making this up…

My children have to sell BOGO books for school.

I hope we don’t have to bring a clothing catalog around and hawk the new line out on the mail route.

Maybe that’s what they’re going to have us do on Saturdays.

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