“they” only talk about the weather

power pole ice storm

I think mailmen must be like farmers.

My life is becoming more and more ruled by the weather.

It’s not a case of bad weather ever stopping me from getting out and sliding around on the roads…it’s just a matter of me losing sleep when some apocalyptical weather man says that this might be the big one.

That wasn’t the case last night.  They predicted light ice (which in my mind is just as bad as if the world was covered with a three-foot crust)…so it wasn’t the armageddon of weather or anything…it was just another scary “maybe”.

So…I guess I’m like a farmer…one of the “theys” who only wants to talk about the weather.

It’s raining hard this morning.  Usually, I’d bemoan all the water…”gadss…it’s going to be a wet crappy day delivering mail…how’m I gonna make it through this one?”…but…it’s not ice so my perspective is a lot better than usual.

And what is it about a bad situation that when a less appealing possibility comes along…and then doesn’t materialize… we rejoice that things didn’t get any worse?

Ice…rain…clear skies…the only thing consistent is how I respond to any of it….and how I respond seems to be only determined by how I frame the situation.

The weather man said just now that it’s going to get a lot worse by noon…chance of light ice, etc.

What was I saying about attitude?

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