a place to stay

“You just have to put your mind to it….and that’s what scares people.”

What a tremendous thing it would be to…in addition to an education…give a kid a place to stay that was their own.

What an education it would be if the young person made themselves a place to live.

This is a pretty inspiring movement.  I’d written before about tiny homes …but it was kind of a response to what I thought were a bunch of folks with money building these expensive boutique tiny homes just because the movement had become trendy.

If you google tiny homes…or check out Lloyd Kahn’s blog or books , you’ll see that there’s a broad range of situations going on.  It’s not just wealthy trend followers working at being “hip”.

I love funky building…and I love the thought that we can build in a way that provides freedom from mortgages and being “tied down”.  That’s pretty inspiring.

Check out this video for an example of doing the “tiny home” thing on very little money…

I’ve said it before…the world is a BIG PLACE.

There are so many different ways to live…why not in a “tiny home”?


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