Reclaim Detroit

Oh my goodness.

Don’t talk about the good things going on where it’s easy for good things to happen.

Talk about the good things that are going on where it seems impossible for something good to happen.

I think that early in the homesteading movement, it seems like land that no one thought might be good for anything was the land that was being given away.

Maybe Detroit needs to begin a homesteading program….live in, reclaim, rebuild…and get ownership of a piece of land in return for your efforts?

You look at some of the things that are going on in Detroit right now…things aren’t going so well up there…’s bankrupt!! How about that?  A major city….once a world power house…a titan of industry…now BANKRUPT. Holy Smokes….that’s amazing and sad and bizarre.

I’m not brave enough to move my family up to the Motor City.  I need a place out in the country…blue sky and nature…but there has to be a certain segment of the population with some moxie and the confidence that things can get a lot better than they are right now who are willing to take a leap of faith and try and save Detroit.

Maybe it’s just going to go down…I don’t know much about what it’s currently like up there  other than what I see on the news.  You really have to wonder what other city could go the way of Detroit if it does continue to fall, though.

Here’s another great video about growing food on abandoned land.  Pretty inspiring and amazing.


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