do you know the way

If I ever got a chance to see this angle of San Jose, CA in 1968, it would have been from the backseat of our 1967 Ford Fairlane station wagon.

I probably would have been asleep…my sister Beth would have probably been asleep, too.

This is what I would have seen if I popped my head up to ask, “Why are we driving around?  What are all these lights?  Where are we?”

My parents probably would have told me to just go back to sleep…”We’ll explain in the morning…”

My parents didn’t make this movie….they had other things on their plates than driving around town with a super 8mm camera.

It’s interesting to see that some of it…even all these years later….looks familiar.

When I tell people that we lived in San Jose in the 1960’s, the common response is “well…it’s changed a lot..”.

Here’s another couple of videos of modern life in San Jose.  I guess it has changed some.

But what hasn’t changed?


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