If there was a piece of pie sitting on the kitchen table, and I wanted it, I would circle the table like a wolf around a campfire, teeth bared, eyes blazing in the firelight, growling…

Now of course, if someone else was in the room, and they felt like they’d enjoy a piece of pie, I would probably defer to them.  I know they’d enjoy it more than me…and they probably deserve to enjoy a nice piece of pie more than I do, too.

Just kidding…I’d fight for pie.  I’d want that pie for myself.

That’s the way it might go down in the physical world.  I like pie.  I want some pie.

Now, metaphorically speaking, I’ve started to think about the pie from a little different angle.

I’ve read some things that talk about how people sometimes think that if someone gets a piece of the pie that there will be less pie to go around.

If someone gets a piece of the pie…I won’t get my piece because it’s already been claimed.

They ate my pie! THEY ATE MY PIE!!!

Darnit…why don’t I ever get a piece of pie?  It’s just my luck…coming to the kitchen for a piece of pie and someone else beat me to it.  It happens every time.

I’ve figured out though, for selfish reasons, that I want all my friends to have a piece of pie.

I want everybody in the whole world to have a piece of pie.

Somewhere, somebody is thinking, “HEY!!  WE’VE GOT TO GET OVER TO RORVIG’S HOUSE!!! HE’S GOT PIE!!!”

I don’t have any pie.

What I was thinking is how much fun I have when the people around me are having fun.

That’s where the “selfish” part comes in.  I realize how keeping people happy benefits me.  I reap the benefits of someone else’s satisfaction.

Now, I’m not even close to completely altruistic.  Or even partially altruistic.

I’m as selfish as they come sometimes.

If I was sitting around a table of pie eaters, and I was the only one without a piece of pie, I be pretty PO’d.

I’d be seething.  I would not want to be at a party like that.

But it sure does take the edge off when the people around me are happy.  I like that.

If I can be a vehicle to drive my friends to Nirvana, then let’s all pile in the clown car and have a good time.

That sounds like a blast to me.

If it means that I have to watch my friends eat the pie…and the best I can do is say, “Is it good?!  It sure looks good…I bet it’s good, huh?!” well…that may be just another part of my fun.

There is pie galore in the world.  I’m not going to have just one chance at a piece of pie.  I can share the pie.

“My world is better when your world is better when their world is better, etc., etc., etc.”


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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