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There’s a link to an article on the Fox Sports website that calls into question the selection process for the Olympic bobsledding team.

And, yes…I couldn’t think of what to write about this morning.

The athlete that they were quoting said that he questioned the selection process…”said the teams for Sochi were chosen based largely on an athlete’s popularity”.

How many household names do I know who ride a bobsled?

Not many.

I don’t know any of these guys. Bobsledding is not an obsession of mine. I don’t follow the sport.

Now, Lolo rides a bobsled…and apparently that’s not very popular.

She must be popular somewhere for people to single her out as an example of the unfairness of the selection process.

She is supposed to be pretty fast. She can quickly push a sled as well as anyone.

People know who she is.

Why shouldn’t she push a sled with the other folks?

From what I’ve noticed, though, there really isn’t a lot in this life that is consistently fair.

There is always going to be some kind of situation or measure that doesn’t really add up.

And how about the wind tunnel that the speed skater’s suits included this year?

That slowed them down enough that they couldn’t medal.

I’m checking all my clothing for hidden stumbling blocks as soon as I can.

I’d hate to be held back because my clothing was a drag.

But back to this Lolo thing.

It would be kind of a drag, of a different sort, to work hard for a long time at being an Olympian riding a big, fast sled…and then have someone crash the party who just started riding a big, fast sled.

Nobody likes a dilettante.

Lolo is a dilettante.

But she has a great and unusual name…and that carries more weight than you’d imagine.

She could be a garbage collector or an ice cream truck driver and still attract attention with that name.

It’s a great name….very unusual.

You know…if they had a guy in a big Mickey Mouse suit riding in one of those sleds, I’d watch it.

I’d watch that….and you know they wouldn’t win. Ever.

Imagine the drag a set of big Mickey Mouse ears would create?

I wouldn’t care if they won or not. I’d watch it.

And I wouldn’t have to know the name of the guy (or girl…it could be a girl Mickey) in the suit. They could be an anonymous Mickey.

mickey bobsled

To me, that would be the most popular bobsledding team.

It’s funny when someone draws attention to how little attention they get by complaining about how someone even slightly less anonymous is drawing more attention than they are.

Man, that can make you feel like small potatoes if you don’t watch out.

It’s unfair to be skipped over if you’re qualified.

But other than the dilettante…who are these bobsledders, anyway?

I shouldn’t talk, though.  Did you see how that dude smashed the bathroom door?

They’re pretty big dudes.

I shouldn’t talk about them.

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  1. Your story made me think how parents are like “bobsled pushers.” We put all our strength and life-energy behind our little “bobsled drivers;” then, we keep our heads down so we will not slow down their forward progress. That thought warped into how we silently labor in prayer, and don’t see any changes. But, “results happen all the time from His standpoint, because God creates something in answer to and by means of prayer that did not exist before.”[Oswald Chambers] Chambers also said that spiritual selfishness is “refusing to pray unless we get thrills!”